Replica Defiance Grant Bowler Nolan Long Leather Jacket also Vest

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Replica Defiance Grant Bowler Nolan Long Leather Jacket also Vest

Its more than just the 'action' and the thrilling plot that made the highly admirable TV series “Defiance” so popular and and heart throbbing. More than anything else, its the awing elegant costume worn by “Grant Bowler” that played a gigantic role in making the series such an inspiring one that its really hard to resist watching it. There is glamorous buckle around collar facilitating awesome shutting complimented with unique buttons on the front that support complete elegant closure. To add to its beauty, there are big buttoned trendy pockets at face with two inner capacious pockets so that you can carry your maximum items within it. The high comfortability factor is accommodated by virtue of 

soft and breathable polyester lining. A great treat for dual taste lovers as REPLICA DEFIANCE GRANT BOWLER NOLAN LONG LEATHER JACKET ALSO VEST serves as multipurpose costume for both 'Jacket' as well as 'Vest' lovers! 



●Glamorous buckle around collar for shutting

●Unique buttons on the front for complete elegant closure

●Big buttoned trendy pockets at face

●Two inner capacious pockets

●Soft and Breathable Polyester lining

●Shell made from Real Cowhide Leather

●Inspired from TV series “Defiance”

●Elegantly Worn by “Grant Bowler”

●Serves for costume as both 'Jacket' as well as 'Vest'

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