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Captain Hilts A2 Back Leather jacket The Great Escape

  • Product Code: CHS
  • Availability: In Stock

  • $179.99

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Its always wonderful to get a uniquely designed outfit that reveals your passion or theme, esp. when it comes to the selection of leather jackets out of the wide pool of varieties. In this regard, has proved itself to be the most reliable as well as affordable emerging brand catering to all your needs and concerns regarding perfect choice of leather jackets; esp. belonging to the class of celebrity replica leather jackets. Out of all there wonders, CAPTAIN HILTS A2 BACK LEATHER JACKET from the movie THE GREAT ESCAPE is the state-of-the-art celebrity replica jacket whose magnanimous features speaks of the nationalistic design inspired from United States Army Air Force justifying high profile fashion and patriotic passion for your nation!



 • Design inspired from United States Army Air Force.

• Exact replica in every respect

• Unique shape of the collar

• Versatile pocket and flap

• Glamorous stitching on the epaulettes

• Unique panelling of the leather

• Creative knitted ribbing on the cuffs and hems

• Catchy design of the hook and eye on the neck

• Unique colour and fabric of the lining.

• Greatly identical to the Rough Wear

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