Grease - Danny's T-Bird Delux Leather Jacket Costume

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With GREASE - DANNY'S T-BIRD DELUX LEATHER JACKET COSTUME, gives you brightest opportunity to look as cool as the most seductive as well as charming greaser plus drag racer Danny Zuko whenever you drape Danny's T-Birds jacket. So if you really belong to the toughest miscreants and ever want to sing and dance and become centre of attention for all, then this GREASE - DANNY'S T-BIRD DELUX LEATHER JACKET COSTUME is just for you. The meticulously remarkable costume includes versatile functional belt, wonderful functional zippers on both the front as well as the sleeves, adorned with decorative metal snaps both on collar as well as epaulets. The greater fantasy is added with "Grease" logo on front and the logo of "T-Bird" on the back that creates perfect combination for you to look superb!




• Cool looking design

• Wonderfully inspired from GREASE - DANNY'S T-BIRD

• Includes dashing functional belt

• Adorned with functional zippers on front as well as sleeves

• Carries decorative metal snaps on both collar as well as epaulets

•"Grease" logo on the front and "T-Bird" logo on back. 

• Looks best in combination with Wig, pants and shirt.

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