Leatheriza always believed in building a strong bind with its products and to keep up with the expectations of customers. Every design, every stitch is made by keeping you at the heart while creating ethereal leather assembles. We want you to be carefree while picking up your favorites, as we are struggling hard to make every article worth buying. New to the leatheriza fam?

Here is what we promise at leatheriza!

We want you to read all the promises prior to selecting anything from our racks. As it will clear all your doubts and what would be left is sheer trust! This is what leatheriza needs from you!

Original Sheep Skin Leather

We use original leather, and when we say it is 100% pure, it is. Straight from the farms, we get our raw material from the sheepskin.

Well-crafted & Elegant stitching

We have professional craftsmen force who, to their utmost, give a unique design and cut to every article. With their expertise in stitching and embroidery, every sew explains the beautiful story behind assembling the article.

Finest Raw Material

Leatheriza works with the finest raw material that is processed before incorporating it into the production action. It is well cleaned and checked for any defect. We only approve the one with the best quality.

Comprehensive Size range

Leatheriza makesa comprehensive size range so that everyone can get their hands on our classy pieces. You just come up with your measurements, and our size chart will serve you in the best means to select the best fit.

Superior Fittings

Not just in lengths, but we excel in creating a wide range of sizes when it comes to fittings. We have both in the house, the regular fits, and the slim fits. Above all, we have both of them in all designs.

Unique Designs

We have a team of designers who always hunt for unique designs. Either you want a plain classic design or those lush embroideries, we have all of them, and we create them seamlessly.

Color Range

Not just restricted to two primary colors, the blacks, and browns, now you can get your leather jackets in ravishing colors and dark hues. Check out our diverse palettes.

Value for Money

All the articles at Leatheriza are pocket friendly. It is your one-time investment at affordable prices. Enjoy your sophisticated outlook in the long run.

On-time Delivery

Leatheriza is all about superior and high-end products and on-time deliveries. Select your attires, and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Made to Order – Customizable

We offer you with an utterly amazing offer! Here! Just come up with the design your heart desires for. And we will make it for you. This would be exclusively crafted for you.