Motorcycle Leather Jacket Honda Red and Blue

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Jacket Description: Motorcycle Leather Jacket Honda Red And Blue

'Honda' is undoubtedly supposed be an all-time favorite as well as highly reliable brand of motorcycle/ bike all across the globe. Such reliability and popularity is being also reflected into the 'Honda' specifically designed costume which is an exclusive creation of in the name of 'Motorcycle Leather Jacket Honda Red And Blue'. The inner of the jacket is made of 'Soft Viscous Lining'  whereas its Outer Core is the most stunning of its kind made of real leather. The glamorous costume carries 'Trendy Pockets' with much of the appeal created by virtue of attractive RED AND BLUE color combination. It is a 'Specially Designed Biker Jacket' with uniquely fascinating branded YKK Zipper on the front along with 'Elegant Long Biker Costume Sleeves' that look super cool and provide great protection in parallel! The cutthroat logo of HONDA comes with added customization advantages; what else you want! 



• Inner Made of Soft Viscous Lining

• Inspired from famous brand HONDA 

• Trendy Pockets

• Attractive RED AND BLUE color combination

• Specially Designed Biker Jacket

• Branded YKK Zipper on the front

• Elegant Long Biker Costume Sleeves 

• Versatile Round Neck Collar Design

• Outer Core Made of Real Leather

• Available in both 'real' as well as 'synthetic' leather

• Unique 'Honda' Logo on the front 

• Can be personalized with your own name/logo 

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