HDMM Harley Davidson Marlboro Man Motorcycle Leather Jacket Mickey Rourke

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100% Cowhide leather and best quality Faux Leather

• Designer style Round low neck collar styled with special snap tab buttons

• Zipped cuffed with perfect shutting 

• Wonderful double inside pockets, pockets made elegant on the sleeves

• Newly branded YKK zipper on the front

• Versatile Polyester lining inside

• Customized Stylish Logos on jacket with versatile thunder design on back

• Glamorous combination of Black, Orange, Yellow

• Inspired from popular Movie: Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man

• Padding on shoulders and the elbows

HDMM Harley Davidson Marlboro Man Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Cowleatherjackets.com presents you with this marvelous screen accurately designed jacket belonging to Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man. Inspired from these famous Hollywood movie of the year 1991, this remarkable outfit was dressed up by the most famous celebrity Mickey Rourke. This costume is specially designed for all great bikers who always wanted their prominent signature biker style to be extraordinary tremendous, if such is the case then this piece is made just perfectly for you. HDMM HARLEY DAVIDSON MARLBORO MAN MOTORCYCLE LEATHER JACKET MICKEY ROURKE is the most remarkable of its kind made from heavy duty durable Cowhide Leather. With High Quality patches, it has been stitched professionally making it thoroughly an example of a greatly supreme craftsmanship. This jacket is not only applied as a biker wear, but also this jacket can style you casually, enabling you to stand out as a perfect role model for others!

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