Expendables 3 Barney Ross Leather Vest

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  • ·         External: Genuine leather/Synthetic Leather
  • ·         Highly attractive look
  • ·         Inspiration from “Expendables 3” movie
  • ·          Worn by “Sylvester Stallone” as “Barney Ross”
  • ·         Outfit: Best quality hard leather.
  • ·          Gender: Male
  • ·         External: Broad open collar and a central strong strap tie.

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Who can be more dramatically attractive in ACTION plus 'APPAREL'; other than the most passionately dressed great super hero of all times 'Sylvester Stallone', who is just determined enough to mesmerize its viewers with his amazing leather vest costume draped by the brilliant star in his 2014's latest upcoming Hollywood movie: 'The Expendables 3'.

'Expended thrill and expended shivers'; 'expended excitement'; and more than everything: extremely attractive Stallone's costume!', everything comes just under the umbrella of 'The Expendables 3'; the hottest release of this year's August. Directed by Patrick Hughes, the movie cast s Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross, the striking actor Jason Statham as 'Lee Christmas', the dashing and daring Nicolas Cage, the action expert 'Jackie Chan' and Wesley Snipes with Dolph Lundgren as Gunnar Jensen adding spice to the movie.

What makes Stallone so stunning in his costume ? Its most probably the most appealing features of his collarless front zipped black leather vest/jacket costume that adds burning flames to the entire storyline. Continuing with its own franchise, The Expendables 3 is about the most daring Expendables needing to save the prestigious President of the United States. While on their way of their mission, they come in clash with several younger as well as technology oriented action heroes.

If the thrill of the movie mesmerizes you, and the pool of famous super stars makes you drown into the fantasy world, you must be burningly desiring for their exclusive leather outfits, that comes with the latest trend setting features, making you look the month trendy guy of the month. If such is the case, get instant access to cowleatherjackets.com, as this is the only most trustworthy site where you will find determinably the super best quality plus authentically styled and fabricated 'The Expendables 3 Barney (Sylvester Stallone) Leather Costume' where immense affordability is simply there to dazzle you making your dreams come true for owing your most adorable Stallone's outfit!

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