Edge Of Tomorrow Emily Blunt (Rita Vrataski) Quilted Jacket

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Leather Jacket Description: Edge of Tomorrow Emily Blunt Jacket For Sale

Edge of Tomorrow is a marvelous 2014 science fiction war film wonderfully directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) and is dramatically based on the famous Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill. The wonderful story plots out the creative setting in a near future where out of the earth aliens have mounted an invasion of the beloved planet Earth, the film brilliantly stars most sparkling cast like Tom Cruise as an inexperienced military officer who in the plot of the movie following his death in battle determinably finds himself reliving the same finding it day over and over again. The stunning film's cast includes Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton in parallel adding more charm to the movie'a reputation. Much attention is received by the dashing 'Edge of Tomorrow Emily Blunt Jacket' which is no doubt filled with magic of black quilted seductively slim-fitted style that will make it get your hands on it at an glance!                                                      

Leather Jacket Specifications: 

  1. • Bold Black Color Jacket
  2. • Endorsed by stylish celebrity Emily Blunt 
  3. • External core made of 100% real cowhide leather
  4. • Internal core made of best quality polyester material 
  5. • Quilted and Zipped Style Jacket
  6. • Branded YKK zipper on the front
  7. • Specially designed for women 
  8. • Slim-fit style jacket

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