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Delivery Information

1. How Guarantees Delivery?

The moment your order is shipped you will always be notified via an acknowledgment e-mail. This notification mail shall contain all information related to the order number, the particular tracking number along with the estimated time in which your package is about to arrive.

In the case your shipment is taking a lot of longer than the estimated time you can always send us an email along with the details of your specific order and our diligent team of customer care representative shall spontaneously get in touch with you in order to instruct you on how to fast track your shipment by virtue of the tracking number that we had emailed you before. personally guarantees the delivery. Always don't forget to mention your contact number along with the tracking number related to the order.

2.Mode of Shipment

All the consignments from is sent via air straight to its final destination. The reliable services of DHL and FedEx are being used for all orders.

3. Intimation Mails for Your Reference will send you a confirmation email the moment you place your immediate first order with us. This is a kind of acknowledgment email containing a completely detailed invoice.

The moment you receive this email and immediately after your credit gets approved you shall always receive our shipping notice. This will surely let you know that your particular order has been shipped which will reach you not more than within 3 to 5 days.

4. If delivery is late?

In the case if your shipment fails or if it gets delayed (for whatsoever reasons) or suffers from the loss of goods a reliable replacement shipment will be immediately sent or the completed amount paid will be directly reverted to your credit card and in that case this amount shall be completely equivalent to that of the purchase amount.

5. Delivery Time

At the very next moment as soon as the merchandise is dispatched from our side we will always send you a confirmation email which will provide all the detailing along with the information including the authentic tracking number, which shall always aid you in the tracking of your shipment.

From the particular tracking number you can always verify the date the product was dispatched to be shipped and the particular date it would get delivered (which is usually around 3 – 4 business days).