Britney Spears Till the World Ends Leather Jacket

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  • Made up of real cow hide animal skin
  • Solid Spike studs on the rear and on the sleeves
  • Ribits on the rear and front
  • All regarding 2500 hundred studs and ribits square measure used
  • All handcrafted and needs three days to finis one jacket
  • Angular nothing pockets
  • Adjustable pin buckle belt to waist
  • Zipped cuffs
  • Regular match

Britney Spears Till the World Ends Studded Spiked Leather Jacket

Spiked animal skin Jacket is that the fantastic thing about all the jackets as a result of its distinctive vogue and lavish look Britney Spears decorated animal skin Jacket is packed with lace and ready with animal skin terribly very uncommon manner. You have got not seen laces work on jacket before the spiked animal skin jacket. It is associate extravagant presentation that's giving New Look to the spiked animal skin Jacket.

Shout loud and dance until the globe ends with Britney Spears Jacket taken from the Music Album “Till the globe Ends” worn by the foremost in style yank pop singer Britney Spears. Guarantee to confirm quality assurance we tend to use top quality real animal skin once ensure perfection during this animal skin wear.

The front look of until the globe Ends Jacket comes up with broad collar style and front nothing closing. it's decorated spiked planning on the shoulders, skeletal muscle and on the sleeve facet. The Britney until the globe Ends Jacket includes a belt adjustment area with within pockets and viscose lining.

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