Distressed Viper Pilot Jacket Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior

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DISTRESSED VIPER PILOT JACKET BATTLESTAR GALACTICA COLONIAL WARRIOR is an all time favorite best selling item at cowleatherjackets.com. It is a beautiful coffee colored fierce dil warrior jacket that carries a tremendously attractive as well aa charismatic look. Aesthetically, what counts most in the fascination of the this leather jacket is the four beautiful golden sparkling buttons that stretch  down right from the middle of the  jacket to the waist line. These unique buttons have extraordinary unique design as they are exceptionally huge and tremendously magnificent. Infact,  the battlestar galactica jacket has something much extraordinary to offer beside these remarkably marvelous looking cute buttons. This particular warrior jacket reveals a unique theme of “Battlestar Galactica” a well known acclaimed T.V series. The versatile bulky shoulders along with longs pacious sleeves add up and pile up to develop a thoroughly spectacular design. The extremely appealing logo on the side of left sleeve is simply like a last impression building final nail in the coffin for anyone to dazzle!


 • Elegant fine brown color

• Four glorious golden buttons closure

• Exact replica available cowleatherjackets.com

• Inspiringly Worn by: Warriors

• Greatly Inspired by: Battlestar Galactica

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