Motorcycle Black Leather Jacket Icon Victory Suzuki "S"

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Jacket Description: Motorcycle Black Leather Jacket Icon Victory Suzuki "S"

For creating perfectly alluring and superbly confident presentation in outdoor activates like biking, the most versatile 'Suzuki icon jacket' stands out to be your very first selection. This worthwhile jacket is crafted in 100% real high quality cowhide leather for the sake of immense safety and security of the bikers. In the joint portions like elbow, shoulder as well as the back side, support is created using the armor protection stuff. Exactly at the front center part there is an embroidered emblem of “S” along with different other badges. The sophisticated suzuki icon jacket has wonderful collarless design, admirable fitting zip on the sleeves along with best quality original branded zip for the sake of front fastening closure. It is an incredibly suitable attire to wear in any season esp. if you are seeking for higher level of protection. 



• Made of 100% Cowhide leather

• Unique Embroidered Emblem and budges

• Glamorous Zip closure and cuffs

• Simple Round Neck Collar

• Stunning Black Color Jacket

• Logo captures victory icon SUZUKI "S" on the central front and different badges

• Armor protection stuff in the elbow, shoulder and back side

• Great level of protection 

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