WrestleMania XXVIII Countdown: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho Light Jacket

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Product Description: Wrestlemania Xxviii Countdown: Cm Punk Vs. Chris Jericho Light Jacket

Endowed with massive muscular strength and horrifying phisique, Chris Jericho is an iconic figure of power on the grounds of WrestleMania where he is not just applauded of his heart throbbing performances; he goes even beyond that. The most captivating part of his entire terrific personality is his stunning and Innovational WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII COUNTDOWN: CM PUNK VS. CHRIS JERICHO LIGHT JACKET created with best ultimate perfection by the most experienced skilled persons of cowleatherjackets.com. The shining gems on the front of the jacket add immense brilliance to it making it uniquely alluring. Internal of the jacket is also lined with soft as well as comfortable polyester lining which makes it incredibly soft and soothing  and irresistible put it off! 



• Unique shirt-style collar

• Adorning glittering gems on the front

• Branded YKK Zipper on elegant front closure

• Two pockets on the front 

• Unique and stylish front design

• Available in both Real as well as Faux Leather

• Uniquely designed spectacular sleeves

• Stunning Black Color

• Internally Lined with Polyster

• Innovational Pattern Stretched from shoulder to the waist

• Golden Colored Plates At the Waist 

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