Replica Steel Mansuper Cosplay Costume Jacket

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Who is left to be inspired from the from the best of the year 2013 blockbuster super hit movie “Man Of Steel” and the stunning Mansuper costume which was most gallantly adorned by the heart throbbing leading character “Mansuper”. The stunning costume stands to be the exact replica of the original costume worn in the movie. The dominant 'S' logo at the front defines the entire beauty of the costume which is accompanied with worthwhile stitching of the overall jacket that makes it extremely classy and elegant in its appearance. For the sake of making the closure fascinating, there is a unique YKK zipper at the sleeves. So whenever you drape this amazing costume in any casual outing or theme party, you will feel yourself sink into the same intensity of power as that of Mansuper!





 • Inspired from the best of the year 2013 blockbuster movie “Man Of Steel”

• Adorned by the leading character of the super hit movie “Mansuper”

• Exact replica of the original costume 

• Dominant 'S' logo at the front

• Worthwhile stitching of the overall jacket

• Extremely classy and elegant in its making 

• Unique YKK zipper at the sleeves for fascinating closure

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