Clark Kent Superman Smallville Black/Red Leather Jacket

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There may not be a single comic lover who was never fantasied by 'Mansuper' a super-powered character made so popular by all time favorite Mansuper series, films as well as cartoons. The positively powered figure does not only carry the attribute to fly to the heights but also keep moral and motto to serve the earth with great level of intelligence. Such a state-of-the-art costume lying as the backbone of Mansuper's brilliant performance is CLARK KENT SUPERMAN SMALLVILLE BLACK/RED LEATHER JACKET which is created and relocated with best perfection using years of diligence and skilled craftsmanship by the most reliable; who are ruling the world of online celebrity jacket merchandising ever since they have propelled in this field. This most attractively fascinating costume is available at the most nominal sale price with bold black/bright red colored outer core adorned with a captivating 'S' logo that sharply defines your boldness and attitude; making you prominent to the heights of uniqueness!



• Stunning dark black color
• Unique Round Collar
• Super man logo "S" symbol on the front
• Unique padding on the sleeves
• YKK style zipper
• Long elegant sleeves with sophisticated simple cuffs
• Perfect for theme party/casual wear
• Available in elegant black, Blue, Marron, and Brwon color

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