Captain America Civil War Chris Evans Leather Replica Costume

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 • Captivatingly adored with a Star logo 

• Padded costume with unique padding features throughout 

• Upper made with tough genuine leather 

• Inner lined with cozy polyester material

• Extremely suitable as a theme party wear and also as a biking wear

• Adorably taken as perfect replication of Captain America: Civil War (2016) costume


Product Description:


Captain America was particularly designed as a patriotic gallant super soldier who often bravely fought the Axis powers of the popular World War II and was also considered to be Timely Comics' most popular character all during the wartime period. Entire movie of Captain America wears a dashing costume that also bears a logo of American flag motif, and is also armed with an extremely indestructible shield that he defensively throws at foes. The character is mostly depicted as Steve Rogers, whose enthralling Captain America costume is beloved and appealed by all.

Captain America Civil War 2016 Replica Costume For Sale

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