Kevin Hart ( Rid-Along) Maroon Leather Jacket

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If you are obsessed with uniqueness in color of your apparel and want perfect features to be reflected by a stunningly wonderful celebrity replica  jacket, then KEVIN HART ( RID-ALONG) MAROON LEATHER JACKET is something made just for you. The magnanimous legendary costume was first spotted to be worn by "Kevin Hart" as "Ben Barber and is most beautifully inspired from "Ride Along" movie which is indeed an all time favorite. The most unique fact about the great leather jacket is its beautiful Maroon shade which makes it utterly stunning for your eyes. The front is gorgeously adorned with unique zip closure whereas the full elegant sleeves are also ended up with unique small zipper for the sake of closure that provide not only customized fitting with the wrist but also add stars to the style of the sleeves. So make haste to add this awesome item to your cart before its too late!





• Legendary Costume Worn By "Kevin Hart" as "Ben Barber"

• Beautifully Inspired From "Ride Along" Movie

• Color is beautiful Maroon shade

• Front adorned with Zip Closure

• Full Elegant Sleeves with Unique Small Zipper for Closure

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